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Christina Goh presents her poem about the isolation turning us into information junkies.

Christina Goh vividly captures the transformation to internet and information junkies that took place for many of us during the isolation of 2020 in her poem, originally written in French, “Confinement.” Find the text below, and feel free to share the video and text with your friends and your classes. The poem appears in the second book of the international collection of poetry, prose, and images, global insides—the second phase, available on Amazon. Christina is a French vocalist, as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the French Association for Percussion and of the communication and event commission of the “Vies 37” network in France for the prevention of suicide. She has written several articles published in the international magazine Mondes Francophones (Francophones Worlds), as well as several collections of poems.

Christina is from Martinique, France, and the Ivory Coast and resides in France.


We have become eagles

who glaze over the information peaks

from sunrise to sunset

trumpeted in all languages, in colors,

in plumes of sweetness and vigor

masters of the dreamlike airs . . .

Today we are lions

who roar their fury of life

or spread out, troubled in the sunlight

of their screens, watching the family

of the world, waiting for the best

and theories in the wind

But who would have believed it?

by the glow of virtual campfires

for a reconstructed holiday,

the shadows of the past took pity

and before disappearing,

they turned us into griffins.


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