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who is debra leea?

Thank you for asking!

Debra Leea Glasheen’s years teaching middle and high school in Wisconsin and her world travels inspired her to write Backbiters, a young-adult, dystopian novel that takes place in northern Wisconsin and offers themes of interethnic understanding, anti-bullying, protection of the environment, and intelligent loyalty.  Born in Kaukauna and brought up in Menasha, Glasheen now writes on the shores of Lake Michigan in Saint Francis Wisconsin. She packs a Bachelor’s in international relations from Carroll University and a Master's in creative writing from Mount Mary University. Her novel was released in summer of 2017 by Montag Press of Oakland, California, and she has recently been published in Zvona i Nari, The Moon Magazine, The Writer's Tribe Review, Latchkey Tales, Alternate Hilarities, Synaesthesia Magazine, When Women Awake, and Splickety Love.

Please read Backbiters and send in your comments (here or chat with the group on Facebook at Backbiters@debraleeaglasheen). 

She loves to hear from readers!

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