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The gift I was given today is the best I could have possibly received: a teacher sent me a video of her students passionately discussing why I had chosen to create the otherness of the Red Mighties in my novel “Backbiters.” One student posited that it was so that the reader could think about how we treat people who look different. I wonder if it is possible to take that brilliant child on the road with me when I speak to groups of readers!

Though, on one hand, I write to delineate, understand, and then release my thoughts and feelings, on the other hand, I need an audience to legitimize the act of writing. I do hope readers enjoy my words, but even more, knowing that I have contributed to the role of literature in asking people, especially our youth, to examine our society and our behaviors is fulfillment of my quest.

Thank you, Sara, for sharing your students’ discussion!

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