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spoonfuls from an overeater spills Leea's story of becoming a food addict, of living with compulsion, of fighting against frosting, of losing to licorice. Chips to cheese to chocolate to chubby. The road isn’t pretty—unsafe uncle, slanty auntie, punchy parents, and, unfortunately, more. Spoonfuls from an Overeater is a memoir in verse that is cathartic for some and informative for others and both for most.


Fifty four years after the Corporate World War of 2050, fifteen-year-old Giluli wavers between angst and courage as she faces the prejudice that caused her people, the Red Mighties, to create their own Nationland in a territory in which squirrels and deer are extinct, clover and dandelion are nutritional staples, and even the water of the Great Lakes is putrid. Giluli wants to help mutant babies from all over the world, but she will have to deal with a very greedy politician first. 

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